Assisted Living San Jose

As seniors age, they often begin to require assistance with their personal and medical care. While this reality might seem overwhelming, it doesn’t have to prevent you or your relative from living a life filled with happiness, activity, and purpose. Finding the right assisted living community to call home makes all the difference in the world. Consider the following when you search for available assisted living options for you or a loved one.

Level of Care

Assisted living communities provide varying levels of care. So, before you are able to choose the best assisted living option for you or your loved one, you should determine what services you desire the most. Services offered by assisted living communities often include:

• Monitoring of medications
• One to three meals each day
• Personal care duties such as bathing and dressing
• 24-hour emergency care
• Certain medical services
• Housecleaning
• Laundry
• Social activities
• Recreational activities
• Transportation arrangements
• Educational activities
• Exercise opportunities

Like single-family dwellings, assisted living communities come in all shapes and sizes. Some communities boast a formal, traditional design. Others have a down-to-earth, cozy environment. You might find some assisted living communities filled with art deco décor, while others are stocked with modern farmhouse furnishings. When looking at assisted living communities in San Jose, ensure you or your relative will be comfortable and able to safely live in the surroundings. To help you accomplish this task, ask following questions:

• Do you like the appearance of the community?
• Is the floor plan simple to follow?
• Are elevators available?
• Does the décor meet your style preferences?
• Do rooms, doorways and hallways accommodate wheelchairs and walkers?
• Does the space have adequate natural and artificial lighting?
• Is the community clean, adequately heated and cooled, and odor free?
• Are floors made of a non-slippery material?
• Are handrails available to assist with walking?
• Are cabinets and shelves easy to reach?

Staff Qualifications

When researching assisted living community options, learn as much as you can about the staff. For instance, are they appropriately trained? Are staff members available to handle both scheduled and unscheduled needs? While visiting a potential assisted living community in San Jose, take note of how you feel about the community and staff. For example, did the staff greet you warmly? Were they appropriately dressed?

Food Service

Moving into an assisted living community doesn’t mean you or your loved one has to eat boring or bland food. When considering assisted living communities, find out if they offer three nutritionally balanced meals every day of the week. You might also want to know about the availability of snacks and the ability to handle dietary restrictions. Discover whether communities require people to eat at set times each day or allow them to take meals whenever they want to. Learn if common dining areas are provided.

Securing the right assisted living community for yourself or a relative can be an exciting, life-affirming event. If you’re pondering assisted living options, carefully pay attention to the aforementioned items and always feel free to use our team as a resource. We hope to hear from you soon.