Benefits of Assisted Living in San Jose

Do you or your loved one have trouble performing daily tasks, such as bathing, dressing, preparing meals, or managing medications? Is living at home becoming more and more challenging? If so, it may be the right time to make a move.

An assisted living community can be an excellent option for someone who needs assistance with daily activities. These communities offer housing, personal care services (such as help with bathing and dressing), social activities, and medical care services in order to maximize independence and promote safety.

You can find assisted living communities all over the country—there may even be several in your area. Assisted living communities often function as stand-alone independent entities. Sometimes, they are a part of a continuum of care with other local nursing homes, hospitals, and retirement or independent living communities. This flexibility helps to accommodate residents’ needs and personal preferences, which can change over time.

Understandably, making the decision to transition to an assisted living community can be challenging—the emotional and physical toll of moving is demanding, even when a move is the best decision. Often, a move to an assisted living community results in benefits and support that can dramatically improve a person’s quality of life.

5 Benefits of Choosing an Assisted Living Community

1. Easy access to professional medical care.
The hallmark of assisted living communities is that they offer daily medical care as needed for their residents. The medical services offered at our assisted living community in San Jose can be tailored to an individual’s specific needs, and are provided by trained and compassionate staff members who have built relationships our residents.

2. Access to nutritious and delicious meals.
Assisted living communities offer residents the opportunity to enjoy expertly prepared meals that are balanced and nutritious. Here at Oakmont Senior Living, residents can expect nutrient-dense meals that are as delicious as they are healthy. We’re proud to accommodate a variety of diets and offer residents the chance to dine with friends and loved ones in our spacious dining rooms.

3. Safe transportation to community activities, medical appointments, and more.
When driving becomes difficult or unsafe, individuals often worry about how they’re going to get out and about. At our assisted living community, residents have access to dependable transportation services so they can get where they need to go safely, comfortably, and on time—whether it’s a doctor’s appointment, a shopping trip, or an outing with loved ones.

4. Reduced risk of social isolation.
Feeling alone and isolated is a common challenge faced by many seniors. Living in an assisted living community helps people maximize their independence while also staying involved socially with friends and loved ones. From community events and activities to a simple stroll around the community, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy time with others.

5. Improved quality of life and peace of mind.
At our assisted living community in San Jose, the dignity, privacy, independence, safety, and personal fulfillment of our residents are of utmost importance. We do everything we can to make sure our residents feel comfortable, safe, and relaxed. Residents are encouraged to maximize their independence while at the same time reminded that help is available when it is needed. We offer a variety of enrichment opportunities that allow residents to explore hobbies, participate in spiritual practices, build new friendships, and find joy in their daily lives.

Is it time to consider a move to an assisted living community? Contact Oakmont Senior Living today to speak with one of our staff members. We’d be happy to answer your questions, arrange a tour, and assist you in your search.